EZ Bootcamps - Coming Soon!!

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To enquire about Escape Zone Bootcamps please contact our Membership Department today!

Tel: 01642 578100 (option 3)

Email: ez.sales@hfyh.co.uk 

Fancy getting in the best shape of your life??!

EZ Bootcamp classes are available at the Escape Zone gym in Middlesbrough. Enjoy a fantastic ever changing routine that will work on muscles you never knew you had! Fancy a change to exercising indoors? Then join us for an hour long outdoor boot camp that includes assault courses, scrambling under nets, team games and even splashing around in the mud!

Our dedicated, motivated and friendly instructors will help improve your fitness and trim and tone your body. whether you are a beginner or advanced, the sessions are designed for all abilities. all you need is the enthusiasm!c

Classes available Thursdays @ 6.00pm for Escape Zone members only

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